My practice in Lafayette, Louisiana is dedicated to helping clients achieve a healthier balance in their lives... they gain a better self image, greater control, and satisfaction in their choices for eating in any setting. I make it easier to reach goals without making it a chore... at home, dining out, snacking on the run, even on vacation or special occasions... and when medical needs require careful planning and attention. I welcome your questions at any time.


Lanah J. Brennan, Dietitian & Diabetes Educator



Try Something New!

Turmeric, this bright yellow-orange colored spice has powerful anti-inflammatory properties. It is best know for use in curries, but tastes great when added to beans, steamed vegetables and even baked fruit.


Tip of the Day!

Divide your plate, conquer your weight. Fill half of your plate with veggies or salad (watch those fatty dressings!) One-quarter should be lean protein—fish, chicken or beef—grilled, baked or poached. And the last quarter should be starch—but watch the butter or oil. It’s easy to remember at home, or to order at a restaurant.

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